"forbidden fruit" 

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"Several songs speak to the intersection of religious faith and feminine identity; the second track, 'Girl,' is a fitting follow-up to the opener, as the titular 'girl' is given a litany of instructions from a force that purports to protect her but instead limits her access to her sexuality, freedom and identity. On this album, those concepts of feminine identity are central to the Leonas' message."

-Christian Schaeffer Riverfront Times


the leonas


The Leonas are an acoustic duo based in St. Louis. Forged from familiar hymns and myths, their songs and stories are their own. Steph Plant plays guitar, Sarah Vie violin, and together they sing. Soulful and earnest, their music offers celebration and unflinching appraisal in equal measure. They strive for peace, but do not overlook the obstacles. After celebrating nearly a decade of friendship, Steph and Sarah established The Leonas in 2015.


Steph Plant | Sarah Vie

photos by Chris Bauer



video by chris bauer



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